Using Natural Stone in your garden

As you are well aware, our Natural Stone can be used for interiors as well as exteriors. Another great use is using Natural Stone in your garden. You can use Natural Stone for pathways through your garden or leading directly to your front door – the possibilities are endless so you can let you creativity run wild.

For pathways it is best to use stones that naturally have a flat surface, a great example of this is our Slate Crazy Paving.

Tips for your Garden Pathway

  1. Always purchase 10% more than you need to allow for waste and breakage.
  2. You can allow greenery to grow by leaving spaces between your stones. Arrange your stones leaving a few centimetres of room for grass or water-wise plants.
  3. Create a rustic garden pathway by combining different shapes and colours of Slate into a richly patterned mosaic. Approach the project as you would a puzzle and if you don’t have an artistic eye, we are happy to help you by offering some good advice and/or our services.
You can allow greenery to grow by leaving spaces between your stones.
Edge your beds with Natural Stone for a unique look.
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