Marble, with its inherent warmth, adds a sophisticated element to areas where a more formal, refined and glamorous look is desired. Its naturally random appearance and ease of maintenance makes it a premium choice for floors, wall claddings, table tops and vanity tops.

Opal White

KNSP has a very exclusive Marble called Opal White. Opal White creates a very opulent look as it glimmers with soft grey highlights, yet in an understated pearl-like way. The beauty of it coming from the soft glow within the stone.

The superb quality of this unique range and its elegance will last from generation to generation bringing an aesthetic beauty to your home or building. Opal White is available in a glossy polished finish or a honed finish which gives the stone a warm, soft shimmer. It is also available in a French pattern finish to give you that antique aged look.


Stunning for wall and floor application.

Cut Available

  • Opal White 400x400x20mm
  • Opal White 600x400x20mm
  • Opal White 600x600x20mm
  • Safron White (Exclusive) 600x600x20mm

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