The appeal to use Sandstone continues, not only for its durability but because of its earthiness and elegance. This perfectly complements natural elements in contemporary landscape design.


Beautify your surrounds with the earthy, rustic appeal of Savannah or opt for the warm, mellow hues of Ivory wall cladding which is ideal for exterior feature walls, pool surrounds, courtyards and entertainment areas.

Cut Available

  • Desert/Ivory Sandstone 300x300x11-18mm
  • Desert/Ivory Sandstone 400x400x11-18mm
  • Desert/Ivory Sandstone 600x600x11-18mm
  • Cut to size on request

Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Use the natural texture and colours of Ivory or rich Savannah wall cladding to create a sophisticated and subtle design for a wall, fireplace or water feature. Equally well suited for interior use, Basalt stone cladding is perfect for landscaping gardens or the creation of water features. Wall cladding is quick and easy to install on most structurally sound surfaces.

Palimo Sandstone

Palimo Sandstone is quartz-based, small-grained and well-bonded sandstone. The stone has a relatively high density and the fine grains enable a smooth clean surface with lower moisture absorption and better abrasion resistance than coarse grained sandstone. Golden Palimo Sandstone has a light yellow ginger appearance. White Palimo Sandstone has a creamy white appearance.


Suitable for pavers, tiles, striking wall application, pool coping as well as floors application.

Cut Available

  • Any size is available, with a maximum size of 400x600mm.
  • Tile standard thickness of 20 mm Calibrated.
  • Paver standard thickness of 40mm Calibrated.
  • Thickness tolerance ± 2mm. Length and breadth of up to 600mm.

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